Kicking off Made in NYC Week at The Canvas with a Sip & Shop Pop-Up on May 11

Kicking off Made in NYC Week at The Canvas with a Sip & Shop Pop-Up today!

Event Details:

  • Date: May II, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Location: The Canvas Westfield WTC, New York City

As a proud partner of the Canvas and a member of Made in NYC, it's exciting to welcome you to a special event that's all about celebrating local craftsmanship and ethical business

Join us as we delve into what sustainability really means in the bustling heart of NYC’s jewelry district.

Sustainability and ethics in business aren’t just buzzwords—they’re commitments to our core values and a reflection of what we stand for. For years, my jewelry has adorned the displays of The Canvas, each piece a testament to a journey deeply rooted in the principles of sustainable development goals.

This journey isn’t mine alone; it’s shared with the incredible independent contractors along 47th Street—from the skilled bench jewelers and stone setters to the talented mold makers. Each piece in our collection represents a collaborative effort with these local artisans, each bringing their unique touch to the designs you love.

Drop by, enjoy a drink, and explore the intricate world of sustainable jewelry making with us. Let’s celebrate wearable art for the preservation of time 💍🥂



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