JCK- These Fairmined Gold Jewels Come with Some Impressive Guarantees

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Anyone paying attention to the conversation about gold knows that its supply chain is under increasing scrutiny. Even recycled gold, which many designers promote as their chief concession to responsible sourcing, often brings more questions than answers.

One resource available to jewelers seeking documentation that proves their gold has not harmed people or the planet, and has even helped communities at its source, is Fairmined gold, “an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations” and connects them with the market, according to the Fairmined website.

Created by the Colombia-based nonprofit Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), the Fairmined Standard comes with numerous social and environmental assurances, such as the reduction or elimination of chemicals in the extraction process, and a guarantee that miners at certified small-scale mining organizations earn a minimum fair price for their gold (as well as a premium of $4 per gram of gold).

Many designers are now turning to Fairmined, not the least because it promises them traceability, something that most gold lacks.

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