The MJSA responsibly sourced design challenge

Mid 2022, the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA ) selected eight designers to participate in a design challenge. We were presented with a fictional story and a selection of responsibly sourced gemstones (courtesy of the project’s sponsor, Columbia Gem House in Vancouver, Washington).

The challenge: to render a piece of custom jewelry based on that story and incorporating all of the gemstones.

To read this year's fictional scenario and learn more about my inspiration behind my design, click here.

To cast your votejust click the image of the design you've chosen. You'll see a small checkbox appear in the upper left corner of the image. Then, scroll down and click the submit button. If you do vote from your phone, it is not as obvious where to scroll down but you will get there. 

VOTING is open till OCTOBER 31.

The winner will be announced in the December MJSA Journal and online.


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