These Black Onyx Jewels Are Scary Chic By Brittany Siminitz for JCK Magazine

"It’s spooky season, and for those who enjoy the magic and mystery of Halloween , onyx might be the perfect gemstone.

To begin with the obvious, it’s black. This time of year, we seem to want to paint everything black. It’s dark, dramatic, ominous—and it’s one half of the colors of Halloween (orange completes the pair). Black is also incredibly chic, and into the holiday season, it plays in gorgeous contrast to the jewel tones that abound.

And what of onyx’s lore? In some cultures, the stone is revered for supposedly fighting off evil—great for those wary of Halloween tricks. For those who revel in the holiday, onyx can be a sinister treat: There are other cultures that associate the stone with bad luck, much like a black cat and the number 13, common icons throughout the month of October.

Historically used in mourning jewelry and in cameo carvings as well, onyx has a rich, sometimes macabre, past that makes it enticing for vintage lovers who can’t get enough of jewelry that tells a story. In celebratory fashion, it would offer a polished shine to contrast the emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds of a fabulous art deco piece. As a modern addition to any design, onyx feels fresh—you might notice it often in jewelry like initial pendants and signet rings, a background to help diamond accents stand out. And if you don’t see onyx as often as you’d like, then perhaps you, too, are craving an onyx renaissance.

But there’s plenty to be found—and at very giftable price points!—for shoppers to trick-or-treat themselves this autumn, and to bestow on others as the winter holidays come upon us fast." by Brittany Siminitz, contributing editor for JCK Magazine

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