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Article: The January Birthstone And Second Anniversary Stone, The Garnet!


The January Birthstone And Second Anniversary Stone, The Garnet!

Garnet represents friendship. According to legends, adorning yourself with garnets will improve your personal relationships and protect you from harm.

A number of gemstones sharing a similar cubic crystal structure and chemical composition make up the garnet family. The color of these varies greatly from green, yellow, orange, brown, pink or purple.

Garnets have fair to good toughness, making them durable enough for all jewelry styles as long as they are treated with the proper care. Garnets should not be subjected to any hard blows or rough wear. Warm soapy water is always safe for cleaning garnets.

The open bezel ring is readily available with a red garnet and a rhodolite garnet.

The rhodolite garnet is one of my favorite gemstone!! The name of this stone comes from the Greek rhodo (rose) and lithos (stone). Lighter in hue than most other red garnets, rhodolite can be distinguished from its darker red siblings thanks to its rich rose-to-raspberry tones with subtle purple variations. Top quality stones are clean, very transparent and saturated in color but not dark.

I am showcasing below the 18k yellow gold open bezel ring, the maple flower earrings and the wisteria ring with a rhodolite garnet.

Please email me for more details or shop the jewelry online by clicking on this link.

open bezel ring with a rhodolite garnet

The open bezel ring with a rhodolite garnet

The gemstone is the inspiration for this ring. Designed around the stone, the inner clarity of the gemstone is enhanced by the light hitting the stone through openings on the bezels sides and bottom. The proportions of the bezel around the stone are harmonious, creating a perfect balance between protecting the stone and letting light in through an open bezel setting.

the maple flower earrings with a rhodolite garnet

The maple flower earrings with rhodolite garnets

The earrings are inspired from a photo of a flowering maple by Karl Blossfeldt. I capture the beauty of nature's details with these delicate yet bold earrings. Hand carved in wax, the earrings are cast in metal using the ancient technique of lost wax casting and enhanced with a faceted rhodolite garnet.

 the wisteria ring with a rhodolite garnet


The wisteria ring with a rhodolite garnet- size 7

This ring is inspired by the beauty of the stone enhanced by the story behind it. This stone was purchased from an initiative that partner with Artisanal and Small Scale Mining associations. It provides for an assurance of the provenance of the stone, empower people in the supply chain, support communities and protect the environment. That is an investment towards a more responsible future. Similarly to another one of my design, the wisteria ring, the prongs encircle the stone on both sides. Historically, wisteria symbolizes long-life and immortality. The prongs are harmoniously encircling the rhodolite gemstone, reminiscent of a wisteria vine.

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