Sandrine B.

The pine cone drop earrings


Those earrings were casted from a mold of pine cones’ scales collected at the Kadampa Meditation Center, upstate New York.

By using the ancient technique of lost wax casting the texture of the pine cone was preserved.

Drop earrings attach to the earlobe and hang just below it. They might be one single piece or they might be composed of two or more pieces that move slightly. This type of earrings is rigid in motion or might not move at all, depending on the design.

Speaking of design, drop earrings range from extravagant and elegant (perfect for nighttime wear) to very simple and straight-forward (perfect for daytime wear).

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The top of the earrings are 13.6 mm at its widest and the bottom is 15.90 at is widest. The earrings are 41.5 mm long.

6 mm thick at the middle of the earrings where both top and bottom are connecting.  The rest of the earring is 1.40 mm thick.  

The earrings are fairly light on the ear. each silver earring weighs 5.1 g


ready to ship in 2 to 3 weeks

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