Sandrine B.

14K yellow fairmined gold seed pod elongated earrings with blue sapphires (one of a kind)

The earrings are made from castings of seed pods from a tree in the gulf of Saint Tropez, close to the designer's family home in France. 
The earrings are the new addition to her "seed pods" jewelry collection.  


The top of the earrings is 15 mm wide bottom is 16.7 wide
the length is 28 mm 
The earrings thickness is 2.4 mm
14K fairmined gold 
a little under 2 mm round gemstone sapphires
The 14K Harmony Yellow Gold is from Hoover and Strong.
The Fairmined gold comes from Iquira, Colombia.


made to order in 2 to 3 weeks

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