Sandrine B.

rose de France amethyst wisteria ring size 6.5


This ring is inspired from a photo of a wisteria vine at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Wisteria is a long-lived vining plant with cascades of blue to purple flowers. Historically, Wisteria symbolizes long-life and immortality. I chose a rose de France amethyst gemstone to mimic the purple color of the wisteria's beautiful flowers. The prongs are harmoniously encircling the amethyst gemstone, reminiscent of a wisteria vine. The wax model was cast in recycled metal using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The amethyst was responsibly sourced from a gem dealer that delivers superior quality colored gemstone through highly efficient supply chain- from mines to market.

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* Platinum Silver

* 12 mm rose de France amethyst

* 4.90 mm wide shank. 10 mm tall from bottom of finger to top of stone. 


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