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We do recommend going to a reputable jeweler to check your ring size. If you are not able to, here are a few tips...


Instruction image

  1. Tear up a strip of paper Instruction image

  2. Wrap the paper snug around your finger, make sure it's nice and tight and mark the spot where it meetsInstruction image

  3. Measure the distance with a ruler (in mm if possible); that's your finger's circumference



To find your ring size, you can use a circumference measurement and compare to the Ring Size Guide below, or you can measure the inside diameter the Ring and compare to Chart .

Please take physical measurement of the inside diameter of a ring that you have. This will ensure the most accurate measurement of your ring size. Do not hesitate to email us for any assistance you may require in determining your ring size. It is important that you know your finger size so your ring fits you comfortably.

To find your ring size:
Simply measure the circumference (distance around) your finger (with something flexible, such as a strip of paper or piece of string, and a ruler with millimeter measurements). Please refer to the photos above.
Or, measure the diameter (distance across) in millimeter of a ring you currently wear. Find the nearest measurement on the chart below. That’s approximately your ring size. (When in doubt between two sizes, it is always safer to go to the next larger ring size. This ensures your new ring will fit you.)

    The most common ring sizes for women's ring fingers are 6 and 7

    the most common men's ring size is 10




    Fingers tend to swell throughout the day, so it's better to measure in the evening.


    Beware that thicker rings feel tighter than thinner ones. You may want to choose a size up for thicker bands.


    Be mindful that it your hands are cold that can shrink your fingers (and therefore your hard-earned measurements)

    Measure an existing ring that you own

    This one is quick and simple! If you already own a ring that fits the intended finger, simply:

    • Measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters 
    • Check the chart above in the "Ring Diameter (mm)" column to find the ring size

    More pro-tips

    • Make sure your fingers are at a "normal" size when you measure them. Fingers shrink a bit in cold weather, and they swell after you've had alcohol, after you've exercised.
    • If your knuckle is particularly big, you may want to choose a bigger ring size so that the ring can fit over the knuckle
    • Size differences between your left and right hand often exist! Fingers are also fickle creatures that like to change sizes through the seasons (eg when you're in hot weather, they may swell a little) and during pregnancy.
    • What's a good fit like? Your ring should slip on easily, but be snug and slightly difficult to remove.