Discover the Local Talent: The Faces Behind Our Jewelry Designs

I would like to take you behind the scenes of my independent jewelry business. It's not just about the unique pieces I create; it's about the community and the talented individuals who help bring these treasures to life.

My journey is intertwined with numerous independent contractors in the jewelry district on 47th street in New York City - from skilled bench jewelers and stone setters to mold makers. Each piece you admire in our collection is the result of collaborative efforts with these local talents.

🌟 Empowering Through Employment

By choosing our jewelry, you're not just adding to your collection. You're actively contributing to the livelihood of local artisans. Your support helps sustain their business and ensures the continuity of their craft.

🌍 Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Working with local talents not only supports our community but also helps in reducing environmental impact. Shorter travel distances for materials and finished products mean a smaller carbon footprint.

Your Impact

Every piece of jewelry you purchase is a testament to the strength and creativity of our local artisans. Together, we're not just creating beauty; we're building a community that values and uplifts each other.

I am proud to be a part of this vibrant community and even prouder to have you with us on this journey. Let's continue to celebrate and support the independent spirits that make the jewelry truly special.

Nazar, the stone setter

Nazar is an exceptional stone setter. Whenever faced with a challenge, he confidently says, "I'll do it." 

Henry, the bench jeweler

Henry is a skilled bench jeweler. He's become familiar with my style over time and consistently meets my expectations.

Daniel, the mold maker

Daniel is an outstanding mold maker. As I primarily work with elements from nature, having top-quality molds is crucial.

Sandrine B. working on the fishing net necklace

A photo of me crafting a unique necklace made from recycled fishing net. This piece is available for immediate purchase.

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