Jewelry is a Deeply Personal and Meaningful Art Form

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you.

I've recently unveiled a new logo, and it's now officially trademarked!

Working closely with an exceptionally talented illustrator, I decided to incorporate an ivy strand into the logo's design.

Why ivy, you may wonder?

I selected ivy as a tribute to my beloved dog, Pozzo, who had a fondness for it. Additionally, ivy holds profound symbolic significance.

One of my earliest jewelry creations was a pendant dedicated to Pozzo, featuring a meticulously hand-carved ivy design.

Ivy's symbolic meanings can vary across societies and historical contexts, and a few that resonate with me include:

Friendship: Ivy's enduring and clinging nature symbolizes lasting friendships.

Fidelity: It represents faithfulness and loyalty due to its unwavering growth.

Immortality: In some cultures, ivy is linked to eternal life and immortality because it remains green year-round.

Connection: Ivy's interlocking vines can symbolize the interconnectedness of all living things.

I hope you appreciate the new logo and its underlying significance.

Remember, jewelry is a deeply personal and meaningful art form. And I'd be delighted to create a bespoke piece just for you.

 Furthermore, I offer customization options for most of my jewelry designs, allowing you to choose the size, metals, and stones that best suit your preferences.

 Feel free to reach out via email for any inquiries or requests.


my dogs Lucie and Pozzo

my dogs Lucie and Pozzo (in the back)


Pozzo's commemorative pendant

Pozzo's commemorative pendant 

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