Sandrine B.

the Ethiopian shield ring with white sapphires


This ring is inspired by an Ethiopian shield. On the shield there are numerous vertical granulations. Some of the granulations were made to act as prongs pushed against 2 mm white sapphires at their four corners. White sapphires were chosen because of their subtle refraction of light, making them part of the shield. The top was set in the bezel part of the shank. The ring is oxidized to look like steel.

The top of the ring and the shank models were each carved from wax. The shank is made of two columns opposite sides holding the bezel in place. A design was carved at the bottom of the shank, opposite to the top . It gives the ring balance and harmony.

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* Sterling Silver

* 18 two millimeter white sapphires

* 24 mm bezel tapering down to 7mm at the bottom of the shank 



 Made to order in 4 to 6 weeks


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