Sandrine B.

limited edition silver African warrior ring with coral and turquoise stones


A fantastic and unique ring for a man or a woman warrior. The African warrior ring is inspired by a shield from Madagascar. The top of the ring and shank are two distinctive models carved out of wax. The top was later placed between the two spears on each side of the shank, and the shield is textured to look like wood. The oxidized finish gives it an ancient look and feeling. The top of the ring has more height while sitting on the finger, due to its encircled border.

 The ring is oxidized to look like steel. The top of the ring and the shank models were each carved from wax. The shank is made of two columns opposite sides holding the bezel in place. A design was carved at the bottom of the shank, opposite to the top . It gives the ring balance and harmony.

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Sterling silver

Coral and Turquoise - 7x5 mm oval

Top of the ring measures 25 x 17.50 mm 


please allow 4 to 6 weeks for production

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