Sandrine B.

Brooklyn Shrub Motif Drop Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold


Infuse the essence of Brooklyn's natural landscape into your style with these elegant drop earrings. Each piece is finely crafted in 10K yellow gold, created from a delicate shrub that was handpicked in Brooklyn, New York. Their design captures the organic beauty and intricate detail of nature's artistry.

These earrings are designed to be not only visually stunning but also incredibly lightweight for comfort. The golden leaves dangle gracefully, offering a subtle shimmer with every turn.
These unique shrub motifs drop earrings are a celebration of urban flora, offering a touch of nature's serenity to your daily wear. They're a testament to the beauty found in the city's green spaces, rendered in the timeless beauty of yellow gold.


- Delicately crafted from a real shrub specimen
- Cast in radiant 10K yellow gold
- Measurements: Length - 14.4 mm, Width - 5.5 mm
- Lightweight design for comfortable wear
- A perfect blend of urban elegance and natural beauty


one pair is ready to ship in 1 to 5 business days.

other pieces are made to order in 2 to 3 weeks.

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