Sandrine B.

One of a Kind Chrysoprase Bullet Cut Stud Earrings in 10k Yellow Gold


Embrace the harmonious blend of nature and luxury with Sandrine B. Jewelry's Chrysoprase Bullet Cut Stud Earrings. Meticulously crafted in lustrous 10k yellow gold, these studs feature the unique bullet cut of chrysoprase gemstones, known for their vibrant, soothing green hue that captures the essence of spring's revival.

Each earring is carefully designed to showcase the beauty of the chrysoprase, set in a secure bezel that enhances the stone's natural radiance. The minimalist elegance of these studs makes them a versatile addition to any jewelry collection, perfect for adding a touch of color to your everyday ensemble or complementing a sophisticated look for special occasions.

Add these exquisite Chrysoprase Bullet Cut Stud Earrings to your collection and carry a piece of Sandrine B.'s signature elegance with you every day.

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Genuine chrysoprase gemstones in a modern bullet cut
Set in high-quality 10k yellow gold
4 mm bullet cut gemstones
Overall dimensions diameter is 5.6 mm and height is 6.8 mm.
Comfortable and secure post backing
One of a kind


one of a kind - ready to ship in 1 to 5 business days.



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