Sandrine B.

The Corsican leaf lily pad shape heart pendant


A memorable pendant that brings back memories of the designer's native island, Corsica. The pendant is made from a leaf found on the ground in the town of Corte, Corsica.
She added wax to its back, made a mold and created the jump ring from the stem. The name was derived from its similarity to a lily pad.

Using the ancient technique of lost wax casting allowed the veins and texture of the leaf to be preserved.

It is common that in the process the model dissolves. Fortunately, it did not in this case.  You can see the leaf that the pendant was molded from in a photo.

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50.25 by 49.23

Bail is 8.8 long by 1.6

Width 1.3

The pendant comes with a complimentary 18 or 20 inch silver chain.



made to order in 2 to 3 weeks

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