Sandrine B.

the flower pendant in silver with a golden citrine


This pendant is a play on nature's delicate texture. The design is a rendering of a flower's delicate petals. I made the flower out of wax that I textured with a special bur. The bail is carefully hidden in the back of the pendant so that it does not interrupt the delicate design. The flip side of the pendant is carefully finished. 

You can layer the pendant by pairing it with other necklaces or you can keep a minimalist style and wear it by itself. You can experiment with different types or chains and textures to create a unique look. Because this pendant has a colored stone, consider incorporating the color into your outfit such as wearing a scarf in a coordinating color.  Have fun experimenting and finding the look that works best for you!



sterling silver

golden citrine

the pendant is about 22 m round and
3.5 mm high

An 18 inch silver chain will be sent to you free of charge.



Made to order in 1 to 3 weeks

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