Sandrine B.

Unearthed Collection: Silver Broken Seashell Earrings


Embark on a nostalgic journey into the heart of the ocean with our Unearthed Collection Silver Broken Seashell Earrings. These beautifully crafted sterling silver earrings delicately capture the essence of seashell fragments, reminiscent of relics from a sunken ship's once-vibrant cache of treasures.  Each piece tells a poignant tale of ancient maritime quests and majestically laden vessels meeting their timeless fate beneath the waves.


Broken Seashell
Matte Silver
Earring Type: Stud
Closure: Secure Post Back

dimensions: 1.5 cm by 1.5 cm

Nostalgic and Romantic Design: Evokes the era of ocean exploration and the quest for hidden treasures.
Narrative Charm: Weaves a story of historical romance and bygone maritime adventures.
Versatile Elegance:  Perfectly suited for daily wear or special occasions, adding a touch of historical mystery.

These earrings are the ideal gift for those fascinated by archaeology and the mysteries of the deep sea. They serve not only as a beautiful accessory but also as a bridge to cherished memories and the romantic allure of past adventures. Treat a loved one to these unique earrings and give them a piece of history to cherish.



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